Introduction to the Six Bardos

Due to this profound topic, Rinpoche requests full live attendance for all sessions on both days to participate in these teachings. If you cannot reschedule something and must miss even one live session, advance permission is required to participate in this weekend event. Please write to Susan to make a request: gro.gotak@sesruoc

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The six bardos encompass the entire cycle of existence and all that we experience. Bardo is a Tibetan word that can be translated as “in-between state of experience.” These consist of: the bardo of this life, the bardo of dreams, the bardo of meditation, the bardo of death and dying, the bardo of true nature, and the bardo of becoming.

Understanding the six bardos informs us about what is truly meaningful and important. This knowledge helps us to overcome all the suffering that we experience due to focusing only on what happens in the short term circumstances of this life alone. Contemplating these six states of experience provides us with a vast and long term view, which embraces a more broad perspective of the future. This view enables us to determine what will be of both temporary and ultimate benefit to ourselves and others.

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