More Practice Groups

Rinpoche visits many other places including California, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Washington, Minnesota, and Texas, among other states, as well as Whitehorse in Canada.

Please see the teaching schedule to find out if he will be teaching near you..

Arcata, CA - Katog Orgyen Ling

Contact: Ruth Fairfield at [email protected]

Honeybrook, PA - Katog Dungkar Ling

Contact:[email protected]

Minneapolis, MN

Contact: Dan or Kathryn of the Minneapolis Nyingma Group
or Hans Schumacher at [email protected]

New Orleans, LA

Contact: Wink at [email protected]

Orcas Island, WA - Katog Yeshé Ling

Contact: Sharon at [email protected]

Portland, OR - Portland Practice Group

Contact: Therese Steward at [email protected]

Santa Fe, NM

Contact: Eric Swanson at [email protected]

Santa Rosa, CA - Katog Ngey-dön Ling

Contact: Nancy Beaton at [email protected] Website:

Wenatchee, WA

Contact: Karen Poverny at [email protected]

Whitehorse, YT, Canada - Katog Chöku Ling

Contact: [email protected] Website: