Dharma Text

Katog Maghada Publishing

Katog Maghada Publishing was created as an avenue for cultivating wisdom: Wisdom reveals which actions result in happiness, versus which will be detrimental; through it, we know what to adopt and what to avoid. This wisdom, gained through diligent study in both the common worldly forms of knowledge and that of the uncommon inner Buddhist dharma, is like a lamp that dispels the darkness of the world. The conditions that are its source, are solely the kindnesses of translators, editors, publishers, and sponsors.

In the scriptures it is said, "Sponsoring the dharma is unsurpassed." To give support, or sponsorship, toward this activity, which gives rise to each and every "eye of wisdom" in the world, is the supreme virtue of generosity. Thus, everyone is encouraged to contribute to these conditions so that the knots of our attachments and fixations begin to loosen and release.

Katog Maghada Publishing operates under the careful guidance of Khentrul Lodrö T’hayé Rinpoche with the intention to publish practice texts and scriptures to bring forth wisdom into the world. May this preserve and increase the Buddha’s teachings, and may it be a source of benefit and happiness for all beings. For more information or general inquiries please contact: [email protected]