Wills, Legacies, and Bequests

Whoever we are, whether an individual, foundation or organization, we can make our wealth meaningful at the time of death through our bequests. If you are inspired to make a donation to Katog Choling in this way, it will act as a means for finding the purpose of wealth and not wasting it away on fruitless pursuits.

When we make an offering, if we dedicate it toward a specific purpose its result will definitely be aimed in that direction. By practicing generosity through giving toward a virtuous endeavor to benefit all beings, this merit not only elevates/lifts/carries us into positive future paths but also, with dedication and aspiration for all beings will become of true benefit to them.

In addition, the lamas and monks at Mardo Tashi Choling monastery in Tibet will gather to perform the very profound and supportive practices, dedication and aspirations of the forty-nine day ceremonies done on behalf of the deceased.

In this way, you have an opportunity to use your accumulated wealth of this life to bring direct benefit to others and to create a root source of virtue that will continue to benefit yourself in the future. We call this extracting the two beneficial qualities that are the potential of our illusory wealth