YouTube Channel Subscription Drive!


Dear Students of Khentrul Rinpoche,

We kindly ask you to assist us with a special task that should take just a few moments of your time.

As you know, Khentrul Rinpoche has been offering live teachings to us via webcast during the previous months and has a future webcast scheduled for early July.  To assist in our capacity to deliver these live webcasts, we need 200 more subscribers for our YouTube Channel

Please help us by subscribing with the steps below:

For many, you will only need to complete the first 2 quick and easy steps below. Some will need the first 3. And a handful of you may require all 4.

  1. Click here ( ) to browse to our YouTube channel.

  2. Click on the  SUBSCRIBE  button on the right (under the banner image). If you were already logged into your Google account, you're done and the button should now say  SUBSCRIBED .

  3. Otherwise, a window will pop up under the  SUBSCRIBE  button beckoning you to  SIGN IN .  Go ahead and click on that. Sign in with your gmail or google account - and that's it, you should now show as  SUBSCRIBED .  

  4. If you don't yet have a free Google or Gmail account, then after clicking  SIGN IN  in step 3, you'll need to click on  Create account  at the bottom of the sign-in window and then on " For Myself " from the menu that drops down from  Create account . It will then walk you through the account creation process. Once completed, it should bring you back to Katog Choling's channel page where you can click on the  SUBSCRIBE  button as in Step 2.  This step 4 is surely going the extra mile - so an extra heartfelt  thank you!  

Thank you for helping us improve our live webcasts!

Value Added: Once you have subscribed to the channel, to the right of the  SUBSCRIBED  button you will see a little "notification" bell  .  If you'd like to receive an email notification whenever we publish a new recording to our channel, click on the bell and select "All" from the drop down menu.