Prayers, Divinations, and Puja Requests

To request a divination, or to sponsor prayers, pujas, phowa, or the traditional forty-nine day ceremonies for the deceased, please contact Laura Tellez at [email protected] for more information.

Sometimes we need help to find clarity regarding which course of action to take, or practice to do, within certain circumstances. The process of divination (moh in Tibetan) is a method for indicating what will be most beneficial at that time.

Furthermore, when we or someone we know experiences physical challenges of sickness, disease, or injury; mental upheavals such as intense disturbing emotions, fear, anxiety and so on; anytime we get what we don’t want or don’t get what we want, or need support in accomplishing any endeavor, we can rely on many methods on top of worldly action such as practices, prayers, and various ceremonies. These collectively create very profound interdependence that help bring forth positive outcomes and removal of obstacles.

The Tibetan view of karma is not that the effect of actions is predetermined to have a specific result (in a fatalistic sense), but rather that when certain causes and conditions come together in specific ways it ripens as our experience. Hence, we can change those causes and conditions through gathering accumulations of merit and wisdom and purifying obscurations. A divination can suggest what practices or ceremonies can be done by us or sponsored in a monastery to do this.

Therefore, through the process of a divination, which is a highly insightful method to guide us toward a positive outcome, we can examine what will help in any given circumstance. To experience whether this is true or not, we have to try it for ourselves. If you are interested, we offer this support as an alternative method of practice in order to bring forth a further avenue of benefit.