Projects at Katog Rithröd Retreat Center

Khentrul Rinpoche established the Katog Rithröd Mountain Retreat Center in 2006. Over the years, as the center has grown, we have needed to provide a temple, dormitory, and dining area large enough for all of the students connected to Katog Choling to gather. 

Sponsoring a temple is considered one of the most meaningful acts of generosity. It provides the space that supports our study and practice of the Buddhist path. The temple also embodies the heart of the monastery’s current activities as well as its future. It is the main gathering place and center of all dharma activity for both the monks and householders associated with the monastery or retreat center. Although the primary construction has been completed, further donations  will support the remaining details, including external ornamentations, molding, painting, the shrine representations, artwork, and a finished wood floor. 

In addition, we have several building projects underway on the land. We are converting the old shrine room into a commercial kitchen and dining hall, building a new butter lamp house, a bath house, improving the landscaping, and restoring the cave temples. 

*When you give, you can specify any one of these projects in the comments section, and your gift will be designated for that project.